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Crunch the Wolf is the official mascot of the Minnesota Timberwolves.

According to the team's official website, "Crunch was born in the northernmost part of Minnesota’s wilderness areas. Deep in the forest, he grew with a love for something never before seen by others in his pack. Crunch's love for the game of basketball puzzled his mother and father, for he seemed to pick up the game on his own. With a makeshift basket built of pine-cones and birch bark, Crunch began to refine his game when he was still just a young pup. He learned the rules and techniques that make the game of basketball so great. He studied players and coaches alike, and soon would find himself on a journey like no other.

Years later, when Minnesota’s expansion team, the Timberwolves, came to town, Crunch said goodbye to all he had known growing up in the woods, and migrated south to the Twin Cities where the team was to be based.

No one is quite sure where Crunch lives, but legend has it he has a den somewhere deep inside the Target Center. He is lured out on game-days by the deafening howl made by Wolves fans. This howl creates an atmosphere in the Target Center that reminds Crunch of his days back in the forest, and yet keeps him here in Minneapolis, with the pursuit of helping the team to a victory."



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