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Gritty is the current mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers.


Gritty was introduced to the Flyers fanbase at an event in Philadelphia's "Please Touch Museum" on September 24, 2018, in front of a crowd of fans and children. The reception at the event was strongly positive, though social media reaction has been mixed. Gritty is the first Flyers mascot since Slapshot in 1976.


Gritty is a large biped with orange fur, longer around the head than on its face, arms, or legs, giving the appearance of a hairy, bearded character. Its eyes have smaller irises and pupils, giving the appearance of being bulged out of their sockets and a constant expression of surprise or excitement, complimented by a smiling, open mouth.

Gritty is attired in an orange Flyers home jersey, numbered 00, with black pants, helmet, and skates.


800px-Philadelphia Flyers mascot Gritty.jpg