Lou Seal is the official mascot of the San Francisco Giants. "Born" on July 25, 1996, Luigi Francisco Seal has been a regular part of the Giants baseball home games and events around San Francisco, and the United States. The name is a play on the name "Lucille." The Giants held a contest in which fans submitted name ideas. Six people submitted the name "Lou Seal" and they were all invited to a game that season to watch from a luxury box. All of them got to meet the newly named Lou Seal and one of these lucky fans was randomly chosen to throw out the first pitch at that game. The name also refers to the San Francisco Seals, the baseball club that was a mainstay of the Pacific Coast League from 1903 until 1957. Although the mascot's name is a bit ambiguous, Lou Seal is indeed "officially" male (and the person inside the costume is a man). In 2008, Forbes named Lou Seal the best mascot in sports.

Lou seal giants mascot.jpg

The character has had 1,150 consecutive home-game appearances, and is one of the four subjects followed in the second season of the Hulu series Behind the Mask.

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